Our Need, His Character

For reasons I’ll explain later, I’m not going to begin a study on another full book just yet.  Instead, this Sunday, we’re going to begin a short study on what, for me, has become a focal point chapter in the book of Psalms. Psalm 103 will be our subject for the next few weeks.  Read […]

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The Deeper Magic – Mark 16:9-20

Sorry for the delay in posting this week…I have no valid reasons, only excuses. So, we’re going to finish our study in the gospel of Mark this Sunday.  It’s always sort of bittersweet to me to finish up a book.  Its a great feeling of accomplishment, but also a sadness to leave such familiar territory. We’re […]

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“Holy Rolling Stone!”

Roughly three and a half years ago I had surgery done on my left knee.  It was a little more complicated than it was originally thought to be, and suddenly, without warning, I found myself with a bum knee.  For two years I suffered with daily pain, and an atrophied quad muscle which, I found […]

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A View From the Cross

We will be studying Mark 15:21-(possibly)47 in our exploration of the gospel of Mark this Sunday. Jesus has been tried, condemned and brought before the powers of Rome, who have determined to crucify Him for political reasons.  All of this was predicted by Jesus before hand. Mark’s gospel is unique in all the accounts because Mark […]

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CRUD! You know what I failed to do this week?  I forgot to publish the text for this weeks teaching.  Sometimes life gets the better of me…sorry about that for those who read this. Well…better late than never.  This week we’ll be looking at the last verses of Mark 12….verses 35-44. Read it here. Jesus […]

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