Don’t Believe the Rumors

Whoops!  Had some skin cancer removed this week…and I’m such a weenie about it, it threw my whole schedule off.  Sorry about that. Sunday we’ll be reading 2 thes 2:1-12 (the Message) Once again, Paul is trying to calm the Thessalonians down after they’ve been zapped with end-time fever.  What is it that they are afraidContinue reading “Don’t Believe the Rumors”

God is not Mad at You

Cause everybody knows If you don’t mind your mother’s words A wicked wind will blow Your ribbons from your curls Everybody moan everybody shake The shankill butchers wanna catch you Awake ~The Decemberists, “The Shankhill Butchers” The concept of “retribution” is the fuel that drives almost every pagan religion, ancient or modern.  You find itContinue reading “God is not Mad at You”

The Ultimate Hope in Uncertain Times

Man…the post below is so encouraging…I love seeing our young people engaged in the exploration of who Christ is. This Sunday, we’ll be looking at 1 Thes 4:13-18.  (The Message version) As we remember, the church in Thessalonica had just been planted, when Paul and company had to leave town under threat of violence.  ThatContinue reading “The Ultimate Hope in Uncertain Times”

Truths About Troubles

Just a quick reminder, we’re having a meeting after 2nd service ( 1-18-08 ) for anyone interested in getting an update on Eastgate finances, hearing our present state and future plans, and meeting the supervisors of the various ministries we have currently in place.  Hope you can make it. This Sunday we’ll be reading allContinue reading “Truths About Troubles”

Learning to “Talk the Walk”

You may think I have the title backward.  “Isn’t it usually ‘walk the talk’, Rob?”  Yes..usually…the idea being that we don’t want to just talk about our beliefs without putting them into practice.  But as we finish our study in Colossians this Sunday, we’ll find that Paul puts an emphasis on talking.  We’ll be readingContinue reading “Learning to “Talk the Walk””