Bible Survival part 3

Once again…sorry for the choppiness of this video…some of it is editing, some of it is because it got wonky during the digital capture…hopefully it won’t distract too much.

Here are the links I mentioned:


David Guzik’s Online Commentary

Bible Gateway – I forgot to mention in the video that you can listen to an AUDIO version of the Bible at this site as well, for those who don’t like to read!

Follow the Rabbi

Bible study tools on Crosswalk

If you just can’t bring yourself to read at all…you can still listen to teachings on the Bible online at a LOT of different church sites…Eastgate’s included. 

Some other teachers I would recommend are:

Mike MacIntosh ,  Jon Courson , Joe Focht or you may like Mark Driscoll

There are so many teachers who have their instruction online the list could be endless.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Bible Survival part 3

  1. I’ve started reading The Message version on the Bible Gateway website during down time at work. It’s great! Thanks again Rob. Just want to encourage others to check it out. It’s fun

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