His Big Paintbrush

Leah and I just got home from Hawaii. Yes we know we are lucky and yes we had an amazing time. We did all the touristy stuff and went to all the touristy shops. We hung out on the beach and went to a luau, and we had a blast.

In the midst of all the fun I was struck by the awesomeness of God. Not that I haven’t been in the past, I have, but this time it was different. Each day we would see beautiful birds and flowers and waves and then God would cap the day off with sunsets that would make Picasso blush at his inability to create beauty in comparison. It was as if God just pulled out His paintbrush and went to work. It’s obvious He understands the color wheel and composition and lighting, and it was as if He sat in the heavens and mixed His colors just for me. I felt tiny, I felt insignificant and I felt helpless … and I LOVED IT! It was so cool for me to remember how big our God really is. It means I don’t have to have all the answers. It means I don’t have to save the world, He already has. What a wonderful thought to remember!

3 thoughts on “His Big Paintbrush

  1. How wonderful that Jesus ‘paid it all’ and we are His! My most favorite thing are God’s sunsets. Everytime I see one, I see something new and exciting – with a complete new color scheme. You just know that God had to create it because it’s soo beautiful (I hear they’re gorgeous in Hawaii too … You Lucky Doggs!)! I almost always find myself saying how blessed we are to live here too at that very moment …

    Peace out!

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