A Change of Priorities

Hey everyone! Hope your week is going well.  This Sunday we’re going to be looking at Luke 6:12-26.

The narrative transitions from the conflicts Jesus had with the Pharisees to the choosing of the 12 apostles and the establishing of the Kingdom ethic.  As we explore this passage this week, I’m going to try and focus on the change in priorities that Jesus introduces us to.  A change from the standard priorities of this broken world to the values and priorities of Jesus’ kingdom project (to use a phrase coined by N.T. Wright).

v 12-16 we have the account of Jesus selecting his 12 apostles.  This occurs after an all night prayer session that Jesus has.  As I look at that list of names, something occurred to me as I considered Matthew the tax collector and Simon the Zealot both being included on the team.  Considering the differences between the values these two men may have embraced, what, if anything, does it speak to you about our priorities and purposes in the community of Christ’s followers?

v 17-19 describes Jesus ministering to the multitudes.  If you were to try and summarize with one word the priorities revealed in these verses, what would it be?

v 20-26 begin what is referred to as “the sermon on the plain“, where Jesus teaches many of the same things, with a few variations, as he taught in the “sermon on the mount”.  With this opening salvo of “beatitudes”, or blessings, and the contrasting “woes”…what kind of picture do we see emerging about the values of the kingdom project?  Where does personal comfort place in these values?  Do these verses comfort or disturb you (or both)?

This should be a very interesting study…you never know, it may even get me into trouble.

See yer’ Sunday!

2 thoughts on “A Change of Priorities

  1. V12-16
    If Christ included such a wide variety of characters for the chosen 12, on what basis do we exclude others from our lives, from our love, or on what basis are we judging others? I can imagine Jesus staying up alnight praying, “Father are you absolutely sure that these are the 12 best suited for the task at hand?” I can imagine it took alnight prayer. Then His Father answered, “I am sure that the I am best suited for the task at hand, just bring the 12 along for the ride.”

    V17-19. It says He came DOWN with them and stood on a LEVEL place. Ever talk to a very young child? You have to squat down so you can be at their level. And then He healed all of not just diseases but also torment. And you want One word? How about—Father.

    I see Jesus setting apart those things which are temporal and those that are eternal. Kind of like Paul speaks of. It reminds me of a testimony I heard from one of the Ansheuser Busch heirs. He left his wife and kids because he was bored. After a year or so, he realized what he had left and returned and asked for his wifes forgiveness. She had been praying for him, and she freely forgave him and they are a family again. He finished by saying,”We spend all our time chasing after that which we cannot have or keep, and ignore that which we cannot lose.”

  2. Spud — that cracks me up! Jesus praying all night saying,” Dad, really? These twelve? A couple of them I understand but Peter and James are always wanting to leave to fish, Thaddeus well I mean — can you really trust a guy named Thad, and two guys named Judas? One expects me to go all Rambo on the Romans and the other one is always checking my bank account.” Honestly though I think it shows that it really doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from. It sounds cliche’, but it really isn’t about us — it’s about him. And isn’t that cool. Fisherman, political activist, company man, government hireling, or thief — none of that matters. What really matters is who we are after we meet him, not before. For the old is passed away, and everything is new. Everything is new.

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