Identity Theft

by Dustin Bryson

Losing my wallet is a scary feeling. My heart races, I drop everything and run all over the house like a crazy person trying to find a little piece of raw hide. Why? I’m not afraid that someone will spend all my money, the truth is I don’t have any, and if someone were to use up all my credit, the card companies would take care of that in an instant. I’m not afraid that someone will go to Sams Club and purchase large amounts of mayonnaise in my name, or score a tub o pickles and use them for evil instead of good. No, what I am most afraid of is a 2×3 inch piece of plastic that bears my resemblance. A card that if aquired by evil hands could really and truly ruin my life.

Yesterday Rob was talking about how sometimes we forget who we are in Christ. Sometimes we choose to believe the lie that we are worthless, ugly, and forever broken. When, in reality, we are chosen, forgiven, loved, and adopted by the daddy who chooses to father all. As Christians we have to constantly make sure the devil isn’t trying a spiritual pick pocket on us. Satan doesn’t own us, Christ does, we were bought with a price. So, the next time you feel like you aren’t worth much, remember the blood that says different.

Rob informed us that he speaks to himself in the mirror to help remind himself who he really is. What do you do?